Housing Development

Region V Community Development Corporation is willing to be a partner with your community and provide assistance in the development and management of affordable housing projects.

The RVCDC has the capacity and experience to develop affordable housing projects. As a developer, the RVCDC performs market analysis, environmental reviews, site selection, feasibility analysis, financial statements, project design, rehabilitation, new construction, marketing, and other functions.

Projects developed by the corporation include the rehabilitation of existing buildings, new construction, and single family developments.

The RVCDC has developed over 170 units of affordable housing in the communities of Lisbon, Gwinner, Hankinson, Hatton, Wahpeton, Milnor, Northwood, Fairmount, West Fargo, Casselton and Fargo. The type of projects developed include: multifamily rental housing, single family homeownership, and special need housing.

To learn more about the projects developed or funding sources used, please click on the corresponding links below.

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RVCDC is an equal housing opportunity provider. | Developer and manager of affordable housing projects in Southeastern North Dakota.